Transformative Futures Programme

Shaping Tomorrow Together

A collaborative program empowering organisations to envision, strategise, prototype alternative futures, and establish platforms for change.

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Horizon Scanning
Scanning for signals of change and scouting emerging trends using a long-term perspective.

Future Scenarios
Extrapolating transformative directions and creating alternative future scenarios to anticipate change. Evaluating impacts and make preferred scenarios tangible.

Critical Dissemination
Communicating the results internally within the organisation and externally to share value, build consensus, activate discourse and stimulate a common vision for actions to be taken.

Building futures platforms within the organisational landscape to seize future emergent opportunities, today. Establishing new entities within existing organisation. Crafting innovative research and development units to drive sustainable product/service ideation. Building a community of practice to foster knowledge creation and sharing.

Innovative future systems designed to empower organisations in strategising and crafting future scenarios for transformative change. Incubating diverse social, cultural, and business environments, futures platforms serve as centres for knowledge creation and experimentation, testing alternative ideas, utopian concepts, and long-term initiatives.

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Team as-a-Service
A dedicated research team enabling organisations to explore emerging possibilities, identify signals and drivers of change, and create preferred future scenarios.

Capability Building
A tailored programme designed to develop skills through on-the-job training and/or to implement an internal practice within an organisation.

Futures Research Lab
An experimental anticipation laboratory activating organisations at various levels to design preferred future scenarios through participatory activities, future literacy sessions, and outreach events.

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