Decoding complexity through speculative futures and radical imagination

Established in 2023, leveraging the initiators’ twenty-plus years of professional design experience, FICTIVE is a design and applied futures studio, as well as a speculative research practice. At FICTIVE we are pioneering the transformation and evolution of industries and societies through Design Futures

Inspired by groundbreaking futures-oriented approaches, we are at the forefront of Design Futures and Applied Futuring. Our studio is a hub of creativity and strategic visioning, employing cutting-edge methodologies such as Speculative Design, Design Fiction, and Experiential Futures.

We create living laboratories of change, where ideas come to life and futures are sculpted. Through our unique blend of strategic sense-making, scenario building, and platform development, we transform strategic concepts and future visions into tangible prototypes, set to revolutionise communities, institutions, and organisations.
With a focus on ethical considerations and societal impact, we craft narratives that transcend boundaries, enabling our clients to embrace change and pioneer a future of endless possibilities.

We are design visionaries, drawing inspiration from futures-oriented approaches to create strategic solutions for complex challenges. Our studio is a fusion of creative expression and strategic insight, allowing organisations to envision, encourage, and create transformative futures

With a focus on social, cultural, and environmental impact, FICTIVE is where visionary ideas find their home, and dreams become the blueprints for a better tomorrow.