Silvio Cioni is an executive advisor, academic, design leader, speaker, and trainer with 25 years experience in interactive media design and research. He helps clients build and enhance their design and innovation capabilities to reshape their own organisations.

He is currently Director of Education of Domus Academy, postgraduate design school in Milan. Domus Academy’s vision is to support next-generation designers to change the future.
Domus Academy is the visionary school of design research and experience, an open and interdisciplinary environment to experiment and work on futures-based projects with avant-garde organisations.

He is Principal at FICTIVE, a design practice and studio focused on transformative applied futures.

He was General Manager Milan and Executive Design Director at Sketchin.
Founder and Design Director at THINGS, a design and innovation agency for the Internet of Things, Head of Interaction Design at H-ART now AKQA, and co-founder and Coordinator of the first Master in Interaction Design at Domus Academy.

He is also Programme Leader of the Master of Arts in Design Innovation at Domus Academy. Researcher and Lecturer in Interaction Design, Service Design, Strategic Design, Speculative Futures and Design Fiction.
He is a speaker, trainer and workshop facilitator.

He is the organiser of Speculative Futures Milan, member of APFRSD, and SDA.

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Giovanni Caruso is an Italian designer based in Milan. He has worked on various projects about technology and innovation – digital products and platforms, mobile-enabled initiatives, participatory tools for tv broadcasters, and enterprise software.

As a multidisciplinary avid learner, Giovanni continuously explores elusive trails to push the boundaries of his design practice a little further. His interests range from emerging to old technologies, discussions around innovation and maintenance, the interconnection between play and imagination, and systemic change.

Giovanni is currently Programme Leader of the Master in Interaction Design & Master in Service Design at Domus Academy.

He is Principal at FICTIVE.

Before, he was Principal Designer at Accenture Applied Intelligence, Milan (Italy).

As a firm believer in giving back, Giovanni has co-founded Speculative Futures Milan. As a chapter leader and event organiser, he actively engages with the design community. He facilitates thought-provoking discussions on the systemic implications of technology and futures.

In the same spirit, Giovanni is also professor at Domus Academy. He teaches young designers and professionals on the principles of Interaction Design, Service Design, Design Fiction & Experiential Futures, and Future-Based Innovation.

Giovanni holds an International Ph.D. in Audiovisual Studies from the University of Udine. His project investigated the switch from game players to designers by exploring the interplay of video games, software, and DIY culture.

Giovanni has co-founded and has been on the editorial board of G|A|M|E – The Italian Journal of Game Studies. G|A|M|E is the first academic journal founded in Italy to promote and advance the study of games.

In a previous life, Giovanni was a musician who explored different soundscapes. He played alt. noise with ill-tuned electric guitars and produced techno with 8-bit game consoles. As a micromusician, Giovanni has performed live throughout Europe and the US. He was also a co-organizer of MicroBo, an underground 8-bit cell based in Bologna (Italy).

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