Crafting Futures through Design

Participatory Futures Workshops
Analysing industry trends and social shifts, we develop strategic futures reports to inform long-term decision-making.
Facilitating workshops to collaboratively explore potential futures, guiding organisations in co-creating future scenarios.
Assessing the social, economic, and political implications of potential scenarios, guiding organisations in understanding the broader societal effects.

Complex Systems
Conducting in-depth analysis of complex systems, identifying key interconnections and feedback loops to redesign dependencies and interactions for emergence.

Design Fiction Workshops
Conducting collaborative workshops, we employ design fiction techniques to envision and prototype future products and services.
Empowering teams to think beyond current constraints, fostering innovation and visionary thinking.

Experiential Futures
Creating small-scale situations that enact envisioned future scenarios, allowing stakeholders to interact with tangible representations of their ideas. Providing immersive experiences that offer valuable insights into the societal, cultural, and economic aspects of future developments.

Photo by Matheus Bertelli

Transformative Futures Platforms

Platform Building
Establishing bespoke platforms within organisations, we incubate novel social, cultural, and business systems.
Guiding platform development from concept to realisation, ensuring ethical considerations and societal impact are central.
Crafting innovative research and development arms or units to drive sustainable product/service ideation. Building a community of practice to foster knowledge creation and sharing.

Platform Planning
Collaboratively developing long-term strategies for platform growth and organisational displacement. Implementing adaptable roadmaps to accommodate diverse organisational scales and activities.

Platform Prototyping Workshops
Hosting workshops where clients actively prototype future interventions within platforms.
Guiding clients through interactive sessions, fostering a deeper understanding of the implications of their strategies in real-world scenarios.

Platform Readiness
Evaluating the viability of platforms and their future prototypes, ensuring alignment with organisation’s values and ethical principles, and a responsible approach to future envisioning.

Strategic Insights
Extracting strategic insights and actionable recommendations from platform interactions, empowering organisations to make informed decisions, and refine strategies to enhance products, and shape future-oriented initiatives.

Knowledge Transmission
Facilitating knowledge exchange between the platform and the parent organisation. Providing support to nurture platform growth and address evolving challenges.

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